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How Much Does A Home Cinema Seat Cost?

If you are looking for home theater seats then you want the nicest, best and most comfortable model available for your budget. Home cinema seats can be a big expense so it’s a good idea to take the time and do your homework before you buy the seat. As with other furniture, there are a number of options that you will make choices in. Such as fabric or leather, headrest, armrest and cupholders The price of a home theater chair varies between USD1,300,- and USD 5,000,- per chair. We also offer custom made chairs that are made in an authentic way by our furniture makers. These seats start at around $ 2,000 per seat. The difference in price therefore stems from the variations that exist per seat. For a home theater chair made of fabric that you can operate manually, you pay around $ 500,- per chair. If you prefer an electrically operated home theater chair then that starts around $ 2500,-. If you want to know what options and accessories you have, keep reading to see what options and accessories we offer.

Exploring our range of home cinema seating models may leave you pondering why one chair carries a higher price tag than another. I too grappled with this question initially, and it's largely because of the plethora of options available to customize each chair. Considerations abound:

  • Do you choose fabric or leather? (Does this choice affect the acoustics)

  • Which color fits best in your cinema?

  • How many seats fit in your home theater?

  • Can you lose multiple rows?

  • Which accessories would I like to have?

And so you can still have some questions and each choice has an influence on the total price.

Do you choose fabric or leather?

  • Does leather last longer than fabric? (what is more durable)

  • What is the price difference between leather and fabric?

  • Is the fabric water resistant?

  • How should you maintain a home theater seat? (fabric or leather)

  • Does leather or fabric affect the acoustics of your home theater?

Lasts leather longer than fabric?

Leather generally lasts longer than fabric. This is because leather is naturally a strong product. Children and pets can play much better on a leather couch than a fabric couch. Another advantage of leather is that stains can easily be removed, this is partly because leather does not allow moisture. Fabric there and against is less laborious than leather. Leather must be greased every so often to keep it supple. Another advantage of fabric is that it is available in more colors. To give you an idea of ​​what the price difference is, we take the home cinema chair Sirius for convenience

  • Single seat fabric OR PU Leatherette : $ 1678 including VAT

  • Single seat Leather: $ 2142 including VAT

Related questions:

How many seats will fit in your home theater? The number of seats that fit in your home theater depends on 2 things.

  • the dimensions of the room

  • the size of the chair

The dimensions of the chair vary per chair, but the average width of a chair is around 100 cm and the depth of the chair is around 170 cm.

What options do you have for a home cinema seat?

If we are going to put the home cinema seats together, take the following options into account.

  • Do you want an electrically adjustable headrest?

  • Do you want a cupholder?

  • Do you want storage space in the armrest?

What accessories are there?

Imagine being in your home theater, what would be handy to have on hand? For example, if you have a tablet that you use to control the home theater, it is handy to have a tablet holder. Or you may find it useful to have a table that you can move in and out. You can choose from the following accessories.

  • Swivel table (€ 65)

  • Tablet holder (€ 106)

  • Glass holder (€ 90)

I hope this has given you a little more insight into how much a home cinema seat costs. If you have more questions about the price of a home theater seat, let us know here or view our buyers guide.

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