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Private Cinema Room

Updated: Feb 2

How to Create the Ultimate Private Home Theater.

1. Select the Right Seating Arrangement

When you’re talking about a private home theater, it’s easy to focus on the technology going into the room. But it’s also important to take your seating into account early in the installation process. This is because all the room’s technology is linked to the seating. Once you know the screen you want, we set up your seating so everyone gets an optimal view. It’s not until after the seating is in place that we install your speakers. This is because we want to ensure the sound is spread out evenly so no one is stuck with audio that is too loud or too low.

2. Choosing the Right Screen for Your Space

The first thing people will notice in your private home theater is the images on your screen. Depending on your preferences, space limitations and budget, we help you choose the best way to display 4K Ultra HD video in your room. For a traditional theater feel, go with a screen and projector setup. You can even get an IMAX private theater, with a wall-to-wall screen that stretches from your floor to your ceiling. In a more versatile room, you can go with the brand new Sony 4K “75 television. The perfect size and quality for a home theater!

3. Surround Yourself in High Fidelity Sound

While the images may be the first thing people notice, it’s the sound that will really impress them. Whether you want to recreate a stadium or theater setting, it all comes down to your surround sound. For the ultimate in audio realism, you want to go with a Dolby Atmos system. Through Sonance in-wall and in-ceiling fixtures, set up speakers in front, to the side, behind and –most importantly—above the viewer. This way you get immersive sound that disappears into your theater’s unique theme or décor.

4. Incorporate Smart Control in Your Room

If you want to create the ultimate sports and movie-watching environment, shouldn’t control be a factor? What good is the best technology if it’s not intuitive? We encourage you to incorporate your private theater into a full smart home automation system. Control of your audio, video, lights, and even climate is all available at the press of a button on a touchpad, tablet or smartphone. Create ‘scenes’ according to your activity. For the big game, have a “Football” option that turns up the sound, sets the perfect lighting and turns on the TV.

Don’t settle for chips on the couch to watch a movie with family or hosts friends for the game. Contact AVOM HOME CINEMAS today to install a private Home theater.

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