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Updated: Jan 13, 2019

Built to exacting digital cinema standards, the acoustically treated (and isolated) room is outfitted with a secure movie server from Doremi, a DCI-compliant NEC projector (mounted in a custom “hush box”), and a 12-foot-wide Seymour Screen Excellence screen with side-screen masking to accommodate different aspect ratios. The system was painstakingly calibrated by industry experts to ensure dead-accurate audio/video reproduction, and everything is concealed to preserve the room’s warm atmosphere. A suite of nine Wisdom Audio planar-magnetic speakers and eight JL Audio subwoofers reside behind the perforated projection screen and acoustically transparent wall panels, and a formidable lineup of electronics gear is housed on two racks in a climate-controlled closet. The list includes a Crestron system (which facilitates iPad theater control), Oppo Blu-ray player, Marantz AV7701 7.2-channel surround processor, Ashly DSP matrix processor/crossover, and four C Series professional amplifiers from Lab.Gruppen with a combined potential output of 7,600 watts. Lights, camera…action!

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